Weightless I'm running Home.

The Art of Celebration, released on St. Patick's Day; Genius marketing in the USA since the group is from Ireland. Go check out Rend Collective and fall in love with worship music again.

And Frozen officially releases today on Bluray. I feel like I'm the LAST person in my circle of people to watch said movie. I didn't want to pay to view it online when I know the blu ray edition comes with the online part for FREEEE.

Then there's the mission trip. We've been trying to coordinate times to call each other and it's not working. I wake up 0600 therefore I am in bed most nights by 2200, or am falling asleep with the Marine on the couch while he's watching television.  Sixteen hour days of go go go, the body needs rest. Whereas Bestie is getting home around that time from work or working out and isn't in bed until after midnight most nights.

The Marine is working on making a cross for our Easter Service. We borrowed one from the camp when I was working there last year. But now with this one, we'll actually have a 'portable'  cross that we can utilize for various events.  It's made from a pine tree in our yard that died this past summer and was cut down by the Marine. He's sliced it to size, hatcheted it, and is waiting on it to dry completely before sealing it from rotting in the future. It looks like adult sized Lincoln Logs. hehe.

And of course, like any "non typical" Baptist Church, we're having a Good Friday service to relate to other denominations. We have a lot of "former Catholic" members so this is to help them in their walk (somehow). I don't mind...it's typically a reverent service with worship and reminders that it's not about the reese's peanut butter eggs, Easter grass, baskets, new Sunday Dresses, etc..

God's Not Dead (the movie) is opening this weekend, too. My youthins are on board to go watch it for their "fun night" at a local theater. It's gonna be a great tie-in with building their faith that they're learning in Life Group and the sermon series we just finished on Defending our Faith.  I'll have a review on it after I watch it for y'all. I still haven't watched Son of God and we have FREE tickets to that... along with 8 extras.