do great things with...

What a weekend.
The Marine's birthday was Friday. So we celebrated and honored him.
Then it was also Good Friday so we had a Good Friday service, too.
Then we had Life Group right after that.
The night ended around midnight as people filtered out of our home to go back to their homes.
We have been discussing service.
Service to other people so that in the end, we can share Christ. (Which, is kinda sneaky and selfish of us if that's our only motivation. )

We need to balance our service with love. We serve because of love.
We love because He loved and commanded that we do, too.
Love God, Love Others. Simple.

I find the hardest people to love are the ones inside the church walls, though.
Which is maybe why Jesus rarely hung out with "those people". The ones that NEEDED Him weren't there. He went to them and didn't make others COME to Him. He shook things up in a radical way and questioned motives with LOVE.

Let me be BOLD for Jesus.

If that has to be inside the church, outside the church, in a prison, out in my neighborhood. Let me DO IT.
 "My flesh may fail, but my God you never will..
Give me faith to trust what you say..."