Do you want to build...

Transition periods.

Turning a home from warm colors to cool colors.

Changing from Hymns and Hymn books to Worship & Praise songs.

Switching from fat free milk to whole milk.

Giving up caffeine to slowing sneaking it back in ( and I wonder why I can't sleep anymore!)

Turning into a runner after walking/ jogging for miles.

Realizing it's National Infertility Week and starting the adoption process in July.

Changing my views and respect for people that once earned them, but are slowing GIVING them away without realizing it.

 There's always a transition between the here and now or the here and there principles. We can't stay the same if we want to go there and not stay here. Change is inevitable. We must get rid of the junk holding us back to move forward into a new adventure and promised land.

I often feel a lot like the Israelites wandering. A seven day journey that lasts for 40 years. (and actually 80); or sometimes feel like Paul shipwrecked. Or the disciples stuck in a storm on the water.  They all waited, which is sometimes the hardest part. Their needs were physical, but guaranteed the spiritual and emotional far outweighed the physical. And yet, the blessings from all those trials and tribulations far outweighed the physical, spiritual, and emotional discomfort they encountered. Can you imagine what that promised land must have looked like to the weary eyes? to the sunburned feet? to the homeless desert generations? Did they even KNOW how to set up a home anymore?
Can you imagine what the disciples felt like when Jesus woke up and calmed the storm? Or Paul got off an island? All the troubles, worries, stress, unanswered questions melted away as they entered into God's place for them.

It's quite similar to moving. You have the stress of selling the home (or telling the rental company last days, and get deposits etc back), tell all the utility companies, sort through all the baggage we have picked up along the way, box up the earthly possessions and physically move and say good-bye to people we became accustomed to doing life with. Then you settled into a new home which is usually exciting. You set up the home, and the utilities, and wait FOREVER for internet/cable guys, and once everything is unpacked; the journey begins with doctors, dentists, gynecologists, school systems, career/job search, church search, and you wait. Is this the right church? the right school setting? the doctor that will FINALLY listen? And then it becomes routine and normal after some time and you find people to do life with again. And you're no longer wandering in the desert.

But what happens in the DASH...the time in between? That's where I feel like I am located.

What do you do when you come across the land in between?


I like to think I handle change ok, but I do NOT handle the transition period well. If that makes sense.