kiss a Wookie, Kick a droid.

Joshua and Jericho are on my mind this morning.
It's been popping up a lot of places lately and I know there's HOPE in the story.
Believe God and obey. BOOM, walls come down.
We discussed this in Sunday School two days ago. Then we discussed the Veggietales rendition.
And it's been talked about during the prayer service and on several blogs/devotionals since then.
I have a feeling God's telling me to trust HIM and it'll all work out, so I just have to wait;
in HIS timing, right?

We're almost this.close to finishing the guest bathroom. My task is to wipe down the drywall dust, prime, and paint the walls today. Then do the same in the kitchen. And then finish staining the wall cabinet in the bathroom. The Marine then has to finish the trim work and install the things like tp holder, a shelf, mirror, and lights and we'll be done. YAY I can't wait to show y'all the transformation. I have to find the "before" pics and y'all will just be astonished; because WHO puts carpet in all the bathrooms??!!! WHO?

Life group starts here April 11 @ 7pm. It'll be "young professionals" group...meaning the OLDER, possibly married, almost done with school/in grad school kinda college kids. It's a blessing to offer our casa since it's so close to downtown, but in a home, not apartment, not in a church, not in campus center. They were having trouble finding a place to meet, but not anymore.  I'll be offering actual food. too. I told them they cannot exist on chips and soda anymore. It's time to be grown ups and have actual FOOD at life groups, like the rest of the adult groups, do. It might be more time consuming for me with cleaning and food prep, but in the end, I love doing/serving other people. If I feed you, I love you. That's how I am.

Can you tell we're watching the animated CLONE WARS this season? It's actually pretty good, kinda goofy, but always funny. It's not Big Bang Theory funny, but there's always something that Star Wars fans can say OOoooOOO. Such as using carbonate BEFORE Han SOLO. Or meeting Chewbacca before Han Solo.  It's a mysterious world, this Star Wars universe.