There's always a good-bye

After a week of no internets/home network, it is BACK!
I couldn't even print, which was driving me bananas as I had Sunday School and a Parent Meeting last Sunday. They had to write everything down instead of handouts, which isn't the end of the world, but now I have all these pretty papers designed and sitting on my desk top awaiting printing. #firstworldproblems

I also can officially share that my pastor and family will be heading out to New Mexico for a new church starting in June. And that my downtown pastor is now PAID part-time starting June 1 and then will move into Full-time in January. As part of the leadership team, we will sit down and discuss what this means for the future of our church.  We currently have three campuses and four pastors. Only one is technically paid via the church. All the other "ministry directors" are volunteer positions except the worship leader. SO, please add our church to your prayer list. Transitions are never easy, but always produce good things when God's people say YES to Him.

And my youthins are losing one of their great friends and sole student leader to this transition. They've never had any of the  youth move away before yeah, heartache. But also a teaching lesson. And next year, I'll be the one moving away and leaving them in capable hands {hopefully}.
Many prayers are appreciated.

So, this summer is full of adventures, mission trips, and see ya laters. I've never been on the receiving end of people moving away. It's usually the Marine and I moving away from good friends, so now I finally know what it's like when good friends move away; or at least announce that they're moving away. But I am excited for them. It sounds like a new adventure and great community. AND it has me missing the desert community just a little bit. It's a completely different culture than the fast paced, go -go-go, don't talk to anyone, rush around here and there pace of Indianapolis. And Mission Trip 2015, SOLVED. That is super easy.

Oh, and Saturday we went to the Indianapolis ZOO, in which I was sunburnt in 90 minutes in the sun since it was almost 80 degrees. And today, snow. It did not stick today but it was pretty. Tomorrow it'll be 60, so there's that bi-polar weather.

And now Peter Pan time with my niece.

What's your favorite Disney Movie?

tick-tock tick-tock.