A few of my fav weeks.

After recovery time from last week's mad house Youth Rummage Sale, I am BACK!
*cue music*

So there are these things that happened.
LIKE God ORCHESTRATED kinda things.
and measly little human sinner, Jen got to be a part of them via the rummage sale!
1.) FREE shoes sent to MEXICO
2.) Jeans collected to make shoes for people in Uganda without shoes for our SOLE HOPE party on the mission trip.
3.) Grocery Bags collected for the MAT Ministry at SFBC, the host church of our upcoming mission trip.
and lastly:
4.) All the "leftover" stuff from the rummage sale is going to another church to help (a) fund some of their ministries and (b) help their clothes closet at their church with FREE donations.

Oh, and we made some monies, too.. yay for the youth. They worked hard, but were all sleep deprived because I told them they did not have to sleep..so most of them did not. I got like 2.5 hours of total sleep... and passed out early the entire rest of the week. It was so nice. I even NAPPED on Monday (Memorial Day) and I never do, so this was nice and peaceful, and Sabbath-like rest. Good stuff.

and other things:

this.  So good. If you have tween/teen girls, be sure to check it out. It's going to be a trilogy so be on the look out for the rest of them.

and then there's this. A new study from Good Morning Girls. You'll want to read this over and over and over.

And Crowder hit us with this GEM. on Midnight Monday/Tuesday.
 Banjos. Rhythm. Synthesizer. World Peace making kinda stuff.

Plus, BBW ended up swinging us into summer with a whole new line of things that smell like summer memories waiting to happen regardless of where you live.  I had a coupon for a FREE lotion of ENDLESS WEEKEND and it does not disappoint.

Which throws me into a happiness rainbow because they must have purchased a new design firm or challenged the current one or something because the design of all the new products is spot-on with current trends finally. No more MOM/GRANDMA designs. And, all the new candles scents/colors work with my house. Perfect, right?

so that also brings me up to PINA COLADA smoothies. YUMs. It's like a vacation in a straw. Have you tried these? Want the recipe? It's uber healthy and easy to make and good for grab and go lifestyle that so many people have these days. AND what doesn't scream SUMMER like a Pina Colada without alcohol of course (bleH!!).

And so it's almost JUNE 1, I purchased a hoodie today for $2.62 at Lifeway. It's a PINK Duck Commander one and super cute and was originally $34.95. score. I won't have to wait long to wear it because I live in Indiana where the forecast is made up and the seasons don't really matter...

SO, that's a lot of new fun exciting stuff that's been out and around so go check it out and be amazed/life changed :)