weeds and growth

The garden is becoming quite a project this year.
It was over run by grass, weeds, and  dandelions early spring while the temps hovered between arctic freeze and 40*. So I am pulling weeds, putting down plastic weed barriers, cutting out holes for vegetables, digging said holes, planting, filling with dirt, and then mulching the top of the beds.

And then there's the perimeter of the garden and a hydrangea garden bed to de-grassed, weed barrier, mulch, edge, and also a shade garden to edge. After that I'm tackling the fire pit area, the front yard, and both side yards. See ya later shabby grandma yards!    I'm getting a nice "tan" doing all this lately. But this week, it's in between scattered showers, thunder, lightning, wind gusts, and random sprinkles with a plash of sunlight. Bring on humidity as long as the temperatures don't stoop below 60 on purpose. I am DONE with the cold for the year; yes, the ENTIRE year including November and December.

And while I try to tame the yard, I am working on my heart condition as well. I am weeding out the junk that's creeped into my life and trying to figure out where to go with loads of things. The youth, the worship team, the leadership team, it's all just busy busy busy work but I am not sure it's actually accomplishing anything. My heart feels heavy and I'm bathing everything in prayer, Bible reading, discipling, and reading articles of people I look up too. (which is getting smaller and smaller).

People I cherished and looked up too have become people I no longer wish to spend time with, read articles by, or believe anything they say. I certainly pray for them, but I don't wish to be run by them, either. The only one I am accountable to is God.  Human opinions do not matter to me, because they'll change as often as the Indiana weather. And if God is on my side, who can be against me?