Life, or something like it.

Two weeks today until our Mission Trip to North Carolina.
14 days to put the finishing touches on things.
So THAT is what I have been up too.

Creating Logos
Designing Tshirts
Creating Bible Studies
Creating Menus 
Making Packing Lists
Making travel arrangements
Securing rental vehicles
buying a new vehicle (whaaaa??!!)
Going to King's Island/Having Life Group /Having a Parent appreciation cook out all in the same weekend.

Learning a new song for Worship team.
Babysitting my 20 hours/week
Studying and preparing Wednesday Night Lessons & Sunday School lessons.
oh, and laundry.
and spending a few moments to sleep.

We can say that my marriage is not priority right now.
However, I am set out to change that this weekend.

No to-do lists.
no cell phones/tv/tablets/screens when we're together.
Just US.

It'll be a welcomed retreat.
and who else is wondering where June went?
My youth's summer is HALF over already.
They return to school July 29, 2014!!! 

and so: Happy almost July, friends!


Jen said…
Have a wonderful weekend!!! :)