Friday, June 27, 2014

Life, or something like it.

Two weeks today until our Mission Trip to North Carolina.
14 days to put the finishing touches on things.
So THAT is what I have been up too.

Creating Logos
Designing Tshirts
Creating Bible Studies
Creating Menus 
Making Packing Lists
Making travel arrangements
Securing rental vehicles
buying a new vehicle (whaaaa??!!)
Going to King's Island/Having Life Group /Having a Parent appreciation cook out all in the same weekend.

Learning a new song for Worship team.
Babysitting my 20 hours/week
Studying and preparing Wednesday Night Lessons & Sunday School lessons.
oh, and laundry.
and spending a few moments to sleep.

We can say that my marriage is not priority right now.
However, I am set out to change that this weekend.

No to-do lists.
no cell phones/tv/tablets/screens when we're together.
Just US.

It'll be a welcomed retreat.
and who else is wondering where June went?
My youth's summer is HALF over already.
They return to school July 29, 2014!!! 

and so: Happy almost July, friends!

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Jen said...

Have a wonderful weekend!!! :)