tuesday tots

No wonder my heart is glad and I rejoice.
No wonder.

How often have I taken that for granted? 
Rejoicing for the sake of all the good things &
forgetting all those HUMAN errs and trials that come my way. 

Forgetting that people WILL hurt you and will disappoint you.
and you'll lose respect for them and not trust them again this side of heaven except by the Grace of God. 
Forgive them anyway, right?
 70 times 7 

this is how I've felt lately.
No rejoicing.
no encouragement.
Except when talking to my youthins.
to tell them of this great love that God has for them and that we MUST share with others because this past year, we have FAILED at sharing. We have served the church and her people.
Now we are serving the community and neighborhoods and people who are dying without Jesus.

and this YOU ARE LOVED Bible Study rocks my socks. 
There's nothing sweeter than words of affirmations from the Creator, my Father, my Saviour.
That makes my world tip over and the little human stuff not matter one bit. 
nonsense. God loves me and is on MY side.
Who can be against me?

And finally..need more water.
not as much soda.