Aiding and Abetting

So much loss has occurred around the World lately.
 I watched two movies about AIDS yesterday.
One was Philadelphia, that I was banned from viewing as a child (even though I really wanted to see it). and the other was Journey to Jamaa; which translates to Journey to God.
Both were real and honest in the portrayal of events that occurred because of AIDS.
In Jamaa, there was a redemption story by the family affected by AIDS.
Kids were accepted by family and learned about Jesus.

In Philadelphia, the person won a lot of money for a wrongful termination lawsuit.  I haven't googled to see if it was actually appealed, though.

Both movies impacted me deeply. Yes, the horrible way people die from AIDS is tragic. But I think the part that really affected me was the fact that I live in a way to not think about this disease impacting people. I have not been personally impacted by it and therefore do not think about it day to day. Except


We sponsor a boy in Kenya, Africa who lives in an AIDS affected area. It doesn't mean he specifically has AIDS, but the area in which he lives is deeply impacted and affected by it. We support the AIDS fund through Compassion and yet..

and yet..

I have to watch movies to remind myself of AIDS and its impact on God's people.  I pay my $7/month to Compassion and don't think twice about where that money goes and who it passes through to help. I have become apathetic to a cause I help support financially. My money does the talking for me and my mind thinks about other things like canning vegetables, planning a youth calendar of events, and other assorted tasks. Forgive me.

Forgive my heart for not letting this world-wide disease to impact me deep enough to remember. Forgive me for not thinking about where my money is spent each month in the AIDS fight in Kenya. Forgive my spirit for not reminding me about the PEOPLE.

AIDS awareness month is October.  Why not Sponsor a Child in an AIDS affected area and start a relationship with them BEFORE that month so when October rolls around, you can remember. And you can tell your sponsored child that you're helping people in their community affected by AIDS?
Or just sign-up to help financially through Compassion's AIDS awareness program that involves prevention training, testing, and medicine for those inflicted with AIDS!

Will you care for the least of these? - Jesus