Do you smell that?

Canning season is in full swing around here.
Each week has become a routine of making more pickles, marinara sauce, and salsa. 
And the hands, they stay red from the acid; from the super heated pan lids, from the jars, and the lids that need twisted. 
But my house smells like pickles. 
And surprisingly, it's refreshing. 
It smells like home to me. It smells like afternoons spent in the garden finding those hidden cucumbers. It smells like grandma's kitchen in the late summer. It smells like the diner or drive-in with the famous root-beer with stools you have to climb up as a child. 
It smells like memories.

What other scents send me back to childhood?

Lumber. Rather, 2x4s freshly cut; dad was always working on a remodeling project. 

Lilac: my mother's favorite scent of deodorant, it reminds me of hugs and comfort.

Maple, banana, pumpkin, zucchini: baking scents... mom's famous blue ribbon recipes from the county fair. 

Apple: grandma's house after making some homemade applesauce. 

Campfires: my sister. We used to "singe" our bottoms in front of the fireplace and cool them off on the floor registers in the winter... Winter always reminds me of my sister. Snow forts, snow ball fights, times when we had to play nice together inside or she was reading on the floor register with a blanket over her. 
Hubby and Belle on the front porch of my childhood home.

What brings you back to childhood moments? Am I the only one who has scents attached to memories? I find that scents bring back memories more than almost any other sense, except maybe sight and photos.