There's a bunch of things going on this weekend:
The Moto GP race, which is motorcycles running the smaller inside tracks of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Church (not optional)
Drill Weekend for the Marines
Family Day on Sunday for the Marines
My Marine's boss is in town for said Drill Weekend/family day
and Rend Collective playing the FREE stage at the Indiana State Fair on Sunday., which I am STOKED about. I haven't seen them play since 2012, before they got all famous and stuff.

Maybe I should have said there are a lot of things going on Sunday because my Saturday is EMPTY!
And today, there's just life group at our casa and they're playing favorite board games while I make them tacos and taquitos and etc.

However, there's a planning session going on in my head for this fall semester for Sunday School and Mission Projects on Wednesday and discipleship times, and drum lessons, and babysitting days.

And a LONG run occurring tomorrow morning. It's been awhile and I want to run again. I thought about it this morning, but there's things to get done. I'll probably pop in another Bob Harper DVD and kick butt or in my case last night, shoulders.

And this; it's our highlight topic of the month for missions.
We have EXTREME h20 game night coming up and every participant is required to bring a CASE of water. (which cases range from 6pack to 40 packs, so YAY!) 
But we'll be doing MISSIONS projects with this awesome water that we are collecting.
AND I have the college life group coming out to help the water game night...since that life group meets at my house on Friday Nights and Youth fun nights are Friday nights, we kinda combined them and it might bring the campuses together.

Next Month is Messy Game Night and they'll be required to bring canned foodstuff.
Eventually they'll figure out that because I am spending budget money on their fun stuff, they're spending some of their money on missions.
It's a fair trade off and they get to spend time with each other which is truly what they love doing anyhow and I love that they love it.