Leadership advice.

My brain.
It's FULL of leadership knowledges.
All the knowledges from great people like Bill Hybels, Carly Fiorina, and Patrick Leocini.
Day 1 of the Global Leadership Summit was a success in my book.
13 hand written pages of notes, cause I am "old school" like that.
13 different tweets, some retweets, and some sub tweeting going on and multiple followers later...
AND a new pastor to keep tabs upon for changing the dynamics of church culture and becoming multi-ethnic... cause Heaven, it's international.

Bill Hybels offered sage advice on hire-lings vs. legacy leaders.
"legacy leaders are the only ones willing to pay the price to fix a broken culture"

Carly Florin
  "Are we rearranging chairs on the Titanic?"
Actions speak louder than words. Basically if there is a cultural norm of "breaking the rules" and it goes unquestioned, then leadership is at fault. The leader HAS to model the behavior wanted in a group/culture/work place.

Susan Cain showed up with a load of wisdom about introverts. Her book Quiet sold out at my satellite location. Lucky me, I already own it.
Susan has done a lot of research into introverts and extroverts; and the science is astonishing. Our brain's neurobiologies fire differently between the two groups. Extros need noise (music, static, tv, talking etc to function "normally" whereas intros prefer a quieter environment in which to better focus.
She also suggests that in group/staff meetings, to have people have time to go off in solitude to process things instead of being in a large group the entire time. Otherwise you're only going to get the LOUDEST voice and that's not necessary the best ideas....
oh, and check out www.quietrev.com  it's her new powerhouse website (still being worked on) where introvert lifestyles are going to be focused on because guess what, y'all?! 1/2 to 1/3 of the POPULATION is an introvert. Genius work. (and also, most bloggers are introverts, btw)

and then there was Bryan Loritts. Have you even HEARD of this guy before? Amazing Pastor. He's the new guy to keep an eye on. Actually, he's not NEW, but just new to me.  He stated (which is also biblical) that God's welfare policy is to give food to the poor, but also the let them come and work the field. (Which is why all Compassion's literature has a blue square in the corner... to gather some from the very corners of the fields plowed)

Patrick Lencioni
Where do I start? I've watched him for several years now at the GLS. I'd love to see Patrick and Bob Goff talk sometime..there would be so much energy I think people would just explode.
He talked of three most dangerous behaviors leaders can make
(1) Becoming a leader for the wrong reason
(2) failing to embrace vulnerability
(3) Making leadership too important.
And in the middle of all those is a fourth, which is PRIDE.

His final point was success in leadership is submitting to God's Will and allowing failure to be an option. (not an everyday sentiment, but yes, we HAVE to fail at times and be OK with that. )

Have y'all ever been to or heard of the Global Leadership Summit?
It's hosted by Willow Creek Church in Chicago and someday I'll attend the campus live.