When the ocean roar...

August in Indiana is always this weird in-between state. 
Everywhere else considers it part of the summer season. 
Public School is already playing the second week routine game with families. 

Fall lessons.
Fall activities.
Fall Football games have commenced.
But it's STILL summer.

My garden is exploding with fruits, flavors, scents, bugs. 
August is prime garden blossom time for summer.
The fall garden is getting planned so beans, peas, broccoli, cauliflower and kale will be plentiful. 

Even fall scents have arrived in stores.
And let's not talk about Christmas stuff hanging out in Hobby Lobby right now.

So I had a dilemma inside Bath and Body Works the other day.
Get a summer scent or fall scent.
Which is appropriate for this in-between season?
We have 80 degree weather and the calendar says SUMMER, but...

School suggests fall, does it not?

How do you describe this in between seasons land?