How does any American feel today?

13 years and it still feels like yesterday.

Except we put away our American Flags, our patriotism, our red,white, and blue until these selected few holidays each calendar year. 

Which is why I am so fortunate to have the flag inside and outside our home.  We have a GIANT commercial sized flag pole waving the flag each day and night, lit up for all those who fight each day for it. Inside we have three folded ones to remind us of those fallen that were close, too close... 

And we have our Marine Corps Flag, lest we forget the Semper Fidelis and brotherhood that keeps him fighting another day. 

Until another day.. it all becomes a memory.

A time that stood still.

Lives that were lost in the ultimate sacrifice, tears shed, a nation torn apart that was brought together. 
Let us remember there are THOUSANDS still not home and still not sitting on the couch with their family tonight while we complain that we can't find anything to watch...

Let us remember...