Standing on the sidelines

Oh praise His name forever...
Peace on Earth Goodwill to men.
Fall on your knees.

The lyrics of hymns and choruses and carols fly through the air at rapid speed these days now that December has fallen upon us in 2014. In shopping places they have been out since October, November at the very latest. 

but in the stillness of the lyrics, we find a hope that is surpassing all others; a Savior borne, a weary world rejoicing. A way in a manger in the little town of Bethlehem that changed the world. A place that said, YES. A season of yeses between Mary, Joseph, Herod, the InnKeeper, the Wise Men, the Shepherds.  My favorite part of the season besides Jesus has always been the wise men. Even though they arrived after Jesus was an infant, the fact that they WENT and said, "yes" and travelled and believed the prophecy and followed God's lead with the star. It speaks to me.  Imagine if ONE person in this story had the audacity to say NO, we're done with this, peace out.  It would change everything. 

What if Mary said No, I'm good.. school is hectic right now and I have midterms to study for and I am trying to get into a good High School and keep my grades up for college applications and then a career... I don't have time for a Baby. a BABY?! 

Or Joseph? "I'm making tables, chairs, mangers, as fast as I can. There's no time to deal with a baby and a fiancee who is a pregnant virgin. Like how am I suppose to even believe in that?! I have bills and responsibilities to handle, I can't just leave and go to Nazareth or deliver a baby all by myself!" 

And I think in this busy season, the best thing I can do is say I'm all in.  Bring on the neighborhood children who need someone to love on them. Bring on the Compassion children who need Christmas cards. Bring on the elderly who are stuck in assisted living with no family. Bring on packing food baskets and shoeboxes. Bring on teaching youth that the Saviour is both for this world and after we die. It's not either/or one or the other, it's BOTH.  Bring on Toys for Tots warehouse organizing. 
It's not just in this season, either... It's living and choosing to be the love of Jesus. To be HIS hands and feet.