Lazy Susan Re-Vamp


lazy susan

It started off as a regular lazy susan from Ikea purchased in 2005ish from the Brand New Shiny Ikea, Stoughton, Mass.

It had JUST opened and we were dying to go.

We ended up spending over $800.00 in one trip.

(dining table, chairs, armoire, t.v. stand, lazy susan, odds and ends etc)

And we STILL have those exact piece, five years and two cross-country moves later.

Well, how boring is a typical maple-esque color?

I wanted change.


I spray painted her black.

I was originally going to use my cricut cartridge: going places, for the compass, but noticed a KNIFE AND FORK! How perfect.

I cricut’d some contact paper and applied the knives and forks.

I then applied some plain boring boring glossy white.

And sprayed lightly with some ivory to match the dining room chairs.

But something wasn’t right.

It was too perfect looking.

Enter Mr. SandPaper


Distress distress distress.

IMG_9386And of couse, when peeling off the contact paper, some of the black paint came off.

I love it even more!!


I coated it in triple glaze clear coat spray. I LOVE this stuff.

It gives everything such a depth to it.

Not to mention the gorgeous lustery shine and shimmer.


This is the lazy susan, that I named PEARL in her morning sunshine.


Curtains closed and not so blinding..


Yes, Chalula, Lemon Packets, and a tea light.

You just never know around here.

Just wait till you see the other side…


A MISC. light bulb, but I LOVE it here.

It fits, dont ya think?

So, I think I’ll keep her and actually USE her as intended instead of shoving her on the top shelf of the pantry…

(like when I found her!)

No more tablescapes here, I am going for USEFUL!

And I am linking to Tidymom, cause she’s fabulous.

And I can.


TidyMom said…
Thanks for sharing and linking up to I'm Lovin' It! Have a GREAT weekend!
joeandbridge said…
Good Morning! Happy FF!
Have a Great Weekend!

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Sky said…
Visiting from The Girl Creative... I love all the fun and genuine stuff you share here! I'm excited to visit back too! Have a great weekend
Melissa said…
Oh so sweet...I love lazy susans!! I have a giant one in the middle of my table...

Great work!!