November Menu

Let's kick off this month with the typical Monthly menu plan:

Monday-31; Waffles, Bacon, milk
Tuesday-1: Pizza
Wednesday-2 Zuppa Toscana salad and breadsticks
Thursday-3 Grilled Turkey Breast, mashed potatoes, green beans
Saturday-5 Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
Sunday-6 Small Group Dinner

Monday-7: Eggs, Bacon, Toast, 
Wednesday-9 Oven TOASTED Pierogies
Thursday-10 Spaghetti and homemade meatballs with salad and garlic bread
Friday-11: free meal @ various food places to choose from (Veteran's Day perk)
Saturday-12 Marine Corps Ball (dinner out)
Sunday-13 Small Group Dinner

Monday -14: Free Dinner at Golden Corral for Military
Thursday-17 Steak and Baked Acorn Squash
Friday-18 Toasted Sandwiches: ham and cheese, turkey and artichoke
Saturday-19 : Buffalo Sirloin: any one know how to cook BUFFALO?
Sunday-20 Small Group Dinner

Tuesday-22 Beef Stew
Wednesday-23 French Toast and sausage
Friday-25 Typical Leftover meal
Saturday-26: Turkey pot pie
Sunday-27:  Small group Dinner

Monday-28 Pizza
Tuesday-29 eggs, bacon, toast
Wednesday-30  buffalo chicken

All are subject to change without notice as our schedules re-adjust to Toys for Tots events, Marine Corps Birthday Events and Veteran's Day Celebrations. It's operation clean-out the freezer so turkey can fit later...