Can't be Silent on days like these.

What has changed in 12 years?

These items changed. 
Thicker armor, faster, lighter, more protection.
Quicker response times.
Faster Veteran's benefits.
More Veteran's benefits.
a change to the mental health diagnosis of PTSD, TBI, the unseen war health battle scars.

Who changed?
Thousands of high school graduates who have already been to war at least once for their country. 
The babies whose fathers they'll never meet.
The mothers who get to raise their child(ren) alone and tell stories about their daddy.
The wives who say goodbye more than hello.
The family who says "you know what you got into when you married the military" 
The friends who don't understand why their friends who return are different.
The enlistments, the re-enlistments, the commissions,  the retirements all during a war time since 2001/2.

Have we learned as a country what it means to be at war that long?
Who knows that we're still fighting EVERYDAY in a country that isn't ours for the country that IS ours. 
Does it changes people's daily actions?
Does this war on terrorism and freedom have sacrifices on it like all the previous wars?
Are there war bonds, war rations, metal gatherings, to HELP out Soldiers, Marines, Naval forces, Airmen, and Coast guards?
Have we forgotten that not too long ago the day when buildings came down and changed the course of American History?

What it changed for us?
two schoolings, one TBS, Multiple trainings, deployments, change of career path, five PCS moves,  an entire closet full of multiple camouflage patterns, and more. 
But that's the basics.

That's just the shiny outside appearance.
You don't know from looking at him or talking to him:
 that best friends were killed in Action.
Or that he was hit.
Or the weapon almost had to be fired.
or that he climbed a telephone pole in enemy territory to restore communications. 

These are the silent echoes of war.

The things that bring the Band of Brothers together and help continue on fighting. 

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