3:10 to Yuma.

Looking back through some pictures and I haven't posted these Yuma, AZ pics before.
I recall making a post about them and then they disappeared into the interwebs before posting. I was highly upset because I spent a lot of time on them. SO, Welcome back to Yuma, Arizona where it's still over 100 degree daily.
Canal; right off the highway. It's a road to be dropped off at the local river for a floatdown.
Many people have gotten stuck out here.
It's true DESERT land here, minus the river and canal.

Harvesting the sun like good stewards.

This is the river we float down. It's the middle of the floatdown spot and quite popular in the summer. It also separates Yuma, AZ from California. 

Yes, the 3:10 to Yuma Prison place. Hot, creepy, can't believe people were imprisoned there kinda deal. What a sentence to have to live out. At least they could see the river from prison and hear the train going by.

Canal for the farmland... it flows pretty fast, too. 

Middle of nowhere there is a golf course that just pops up. It's quite pretty and relaxing. It almost reminds me of San Diego kinda pretty.

Natural habitat of land next to the river. Weird how much green is in a desert, right?

BP, not much explanation needed except, they're EVERY.WHERE. and yet, don't have much power apprehending illegals.

Top of a hill from a local park. 

Yes, this would be a few acres of that farmland stuff that is covering Yuma. It's everywhere, and will probably be planted right about now for "winter" harvest.

Yes, the citrus. I miss it. Fresh limes, lemons, grapefruits, straight off the trees. Neighbors would bring us bags of these things. nom nom nom.
Much better than Florida's!!

And there's the extra Yuma, Arizona Pictures. 

There are more here 


Jen said…
I like Yuma, actually I like most of Arizona haha. :)
Jamie said…
I went to Yuma once to buy a ferret to take back to California :)

Thank you for linking up!
Katie said…
I've never been to Arizona. But It looks like maybe I should give it a chance!

visiting form the walkabout :) New follower!
Semper Wifey said…
Haha...thanks for the Yuma tour! I've only ever driven through there, and from what I understand you have to spend a little time with her to appreciate her! ;)
bonbon said…
Glad you found the pics! It's always so annoying when you spend a lot of time on something and then lose it. Wow, still over 100 degrees every day?!? I couldn't handle it, that's for sure! Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

new follower :)