12 Months of happiness

January: Laynie Wynn is born on Jan 5th.  Such an amazing little girl and blessing to all who meet her <3

February: My 29th Birthday commenced, 9th wedding anniversary and first ever SNOWBOARD trip.

March: Visit to North Carolina to MEET Laynie Wynn, surprise Bestie and hang out like the good ole days.

April: The Marine's Birthday and He got sent to WTI (weapons training blah blah) all month. ALSO, XBOX 360 entered our home as his present..., Attended a Women's Conference.

May: In-laws arrive for a couple week visit: Mil, SIl, BIL, Nephew. There were zoos to be explored, oceans to freeze by, and new places to explore.

June: Temperatures start REALLY climbing, in-laws leave, Youth Camp in Julian, California.

July: Whitney and Luis' Wedding, Day Camp at church for younger VBS-aged children, Step sister and family arrive and we head to SEA~WORLD!!

August: the air conditioner stopped working on the hottest day of the entire year...and I attended the Global Leadership Summit as a Compassion Volunteer, First Girls Night Commenced.

September: We officially start teaching 10th-12th graders at REEF on Wednesday Nights.

October:  We skipped church in the church building on Halloween and BECAME the church in action and I auditioned to play DRUMS on the church worship team (AHHH!)

November: Thanksgiving Challenge; 30 days of giving more than normal to be truly THANKFUL of what God has given us, Ryan turned 19, Harry Potter 6.1 in movie theater, Thanksgiving, Black Friday Madness...

December:  Christmas Blessings, Friends, Work-outs, Simple, simple, simple.


Dar said…
Hello I just found your blog through Military Monday Blog Hop. I have a son born on January 5th and will turn 30 in 25 days. Married to my Marine since 2000 (sort of, but you can read "Our Love Story" to understand that). Look forward to reading more about you!