Back it up.

2011 Hosted many crazy, unexpected events for us!

January: Location: Yuma, Arizona
The Bestie, Her Hubby, and Laynie Wynn, the Goddaughter arrived in Sunny San Diego airport.
(LW also turned ONE!)

February: I turned THIRTY, with the help of LW, eating my Birthday cake made by the Marine.
We also celebrated our TENTH wedding Anniversary by going to Olive Garden and a Movie. 

March: By now we knew where and when we were moving.
 Packing commenced.
 Friends pulled away, others got closer.
Lent occurred even though we're not Catholic

April: Easter,
 The Marine's birthday in which his friend bought him a GUN!!!, 
 Jess' 21st birthday,
  COMPASSION SUNDAY @ Oasis Church where 38 children were sponsored!!!!, 
 House Hunting for Indianapolis, Made an offer on our house in Indianapolis, offer accepted on the house!

May: Notice is given to landlord, 
moving truck is reserved, 
boxes FILL the house,
May the Fourth be with You,

Saluting the Armed Forces family in Memorial Day remembrances.

June: Saying GOODBYE Yuma, Hello Indianapolis
Road trippin across the USA with one of the Best Friends.
Closing on our House.
Visited SeaWorld San Diego one last time.

July: Location: Indianapolis

We are all moved in, in-laws keep visiting.

Painting, Curtains coordinating, Changing hardware, basically working on the house and endless
family visits.

Loads of VET Office Visits commence.
First Compassion Volunteering in Indy
Pastor Mike dies from Cancer @ Swansboro First Baptist, where Bestie is the Youth and Education Director.
COLTS PRESEASON , stepping on the field, excellent seats, losing games, LOSING SEASON!!

September: Belle's Hindleg amputated due to Cancer.
Recovering went PERFECT.
Almost too perfect.
Labor Day spent with the in-laws AGAIN.
Remembrance of ten years AFTER 9-11


Become official Compassion Advocate!!
Belle's still healing and using her leg as much as she can.
Trying to strengthen it.

New BLOG design by UTTERLY CHAOTIC designs.
Still awesome.
Rocking on to Ohio's Marching 100
Linked up Zuppa Toscana for CROCKTOBER 
Oh and who can forget October is Breast Cancer and Dwarfism Awareness Month?
Laynie Wynn has Dwarfism and her grandmother died from breast cancer. Both precious things on my list!!


Veteran's Day

Member of the Worship Team
Thanksgiving Celebrations with In-laws

Christmas at the Zoo with friends.


Deceased on 12.27.2011

It's been an adventure for sure. One that started off warm in Arizona and ended up with snow the very same day Belle had to go.
  Snow was her favorite.

Emotions have been up, down, sideways, and back again through this year.
But changes are always good.
Let's see what 2012 has to offer us.

Happy New Year, See ya 2011!!